Ways of payment

We offer the following ways of payment. Just choose the way of payment that suits you best. The shipping costs depend Partly from the way of payment chosen.

1. Credit card

You can pay by credit card. This is handled via PayPal Plus. If you have chosen the credit card payment method, you do not need to be registered with PayPal to pay the invoice amount. Immediately after confirmation of the payment order and after your legitimation as the rightful cardholder, the payment transaction will be carried out by your credit card company at the request of PayPal and your card will be charged. As a merchant, the invoice amount will be credited to us in an uncomplicated and timely manner, so that immediate processing and prompt dispatch are guaranteed.

2. PayPal/ PayPal Plus Kauf auf Rechnung (Purchase on Account)

You can choose the safe payment method through PayPal, our partner for direct and free online payment service. PayPal may be used by anyone holding a bank account or a credit card.  After completing your order you will be passed on directly to PayPal where you can transfer your payment easily and quickly to

When paying by a payment mode offered by PayPal handling of payment is through the payment service provider PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg (hereinafter referred to as “PayPal”), in validity of the PayPal terms and conditions of use, accessible at, or, if the Customer does not hold a PayPal account, in validity of the conditions for payments without PayPal account, accessible at

When choosing the payment mode “PayPal Rechnung (Invoice)” the Seller assigns his claim for payment to PayPal. Prior to accepting Seller’s declaration of assignment PayPal carry out a credit rating by using the transmitted customer data. Seller reserves the right to refuse the Customer the “PayPal Rechnung” payment way in case of negative rating result. If PayPal permit the PayPal Rechnung payment mode, the Customer should pay the invoice amount to PayPal within 14 days of receipt of goods. In this case she/he can effect debt-settling payment only to PayPal. However, even in case of claim assignment, the Seller remains responsible for general customer inquiries about the goods, delivery time, shipping, returns, complaints, declarations and transmissions of cancellation, or credit entries. Supplementary to it the General terms and Conditions of Use for the use of payment on account of PayPal shall be applicable, accessible at

3. Payment in advance

You may also transfer the invoice amount in advance to our account. Our bank data forwarded to you with the order confirmation, too, are as follows:


Account holder: Dr. Wagner Handel und Projekte GmbH
Account number: 06 834 073 01
Bank identification number: 760 800 40
Credit institution: Commerzbank Nuernberg
IBAN: DE 67 760 800 40 06 834 073 01

4. Payment by Sofortü (immediate transfer)

Sofortüberweisung is an online payment system on the basis of the proven online banking with PIN/TAN entry for safe and quick handling of your online purchases.

Here is how it works:

SOFORT Überweisung (immediate transfer) is an innovative payment mode with tested transaction safety. SOFORT Überweisung works like a usual online transfer with your bank. You handle the payment process in an online purchase directly through your personal online banking account. SOFORT Überweisung was developed by SOFORT AG and is already used in numerous online shops. By the secured safe payment form of SOFORT AG, which is not accessible by dealers, and to which you are passed on automatically after completing your order in the online shop, SOFORT Überweisung set automated and in real time a transfer in your online bank account. The purchase price is transferred immediately and directly to dealer’s bank account. To complete the order input of your data is required here. Please note that SOFORT Überweisung can only be used for your online purchase.

The system accepts the same PIN and identifies the valid TAN of your bank as you log in with these data with your bank.

Delivery directly after release of payment by your bank.

Immediately after completion of your order you can carry out the transfer directly. Changing to the website of your bank is therefore not necessary any more.